Namespace: Create

Phaser. Create




<static> GenerateTexture(config)

Generates a texture based on the given Create configuration object.

The texture is drawn using a fixed-size indexed palette of 16 colors, where the hex value in the data cells map to a single color. For example, if the texture config looked like this:

var star = [

this.textures.generate('star', { data: star, pixelWidth: 4 });

Then it would generate a texture that is 52 x 48 pixels in size, because each cell of the data array represents 1 pixel multiplied by the pixelWidth value. The cell values, such as 8, maps to color number 8 in the palette. If a cell contains a period character . then it is transparent.

The default palette is Arne16, but you can specify your own using the palette property.

Name Type Description
config Phaser.Types.Create.GenerateTextureConfig

The Generate Texture Configuration object.

Since: 3.0.0
Source: src/create/GenerateTexture.js (Line 11)

An HTMLCanvasElement which contains the generated texture drawn to it.